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Alternative Orthodontic Treatment

Dentosophie is an innovative dental therapy, characterized by a humanistic approach to the art of dentistry. The name “Dentosophie” comes from the union of the Latin word “dens”, meaning the tooth, and from the Greek “sophia”, indicating wisdom. It literally means “teeth wisdom”.

Dentosophie is an alternative, holistic therapy that establishes the link between our mouths and the rest of the body, both physical, organic and psychological.

dentosophie1It is the result of clinical research and observation conducted by a group of French dental surgeons since 1984, in particular by Dr Michel Montaud and Dr Rodrigue Mathieu, who were later joined by doctor Jean-François Ardouin. The achievable results with the activator are reported in the book written by Dr Michel Montaud ” Nos Dents une porte vers la santè”.

Its development is the result of lengthy research into material science and structure by the Eptamed team and 4 other companies all with different expertise in chemistry and technology. Thanks to this teamwork, it has been possible to create effective solutions to optimize therapy results.

The observations and studies that followed established that the mouth’s balance was an expression of the balance of the whole human body and its social, cultural and affective environment.

Dentosophie utilises nothing fixed or invasive, as in the traditional orthodontic approach. Instead it is an MEA made of rubber which engages both dental arches that is predominantly used at night time and for a couple of hours during the day.

M.E.A Medical Equilibrium Active

The M.E.A is a functional removable appliance that, thanks to some dental repositioning guides and its balanced shape, gives the teeth the input to realign themselves harmoniously into the dental arches. It is a unique appliance that helps the achieve the natural expansion of the palate, nasal breathing, swallowing and a reduction in muscular tension.

It is a simple functional appliance and is commonly called an “ACTIVATOR” .


dentosophieThe activator allows treatment for a wide range of malocclusions largely avoiding tooth extractions and aims to re-establish the mouth’s and body’s balance. It is reported to help with posture, backache, headaches, asthma, difficulty in concentration, depression and in “nervous children”. The activator gives the body the time to self-recover and the outcomes, even in aged people, are incredible. It improves breathing, chewing, swallowing, talking and jaw re-alignment.

The changes on a psychological level are notable and in several cases an improvement is reported in the way children write, with an increase in concentration, a reduction of hyperactivity and better performances in school work and sport activities.

The activator has a lower cost than traditional brackets.

Would you have ever thought? Your personal balance depends on your smile!

Dentists Trained in the Dentosophe and the Activator Appliance:

Samar Morgan – Read More

Samar Morgan (DDS, Milan 2000), Dentist, GDC No: 82707samarSamar qualified in 2000 with distinction from the University of Milan in Italy and then spent a further 3 years training in the Oral Medicine Department at San Paolo Hospital in Milan. This additional training has intensified her interest in Oral medicine, especially the early diagnosis of Oral Cancer. She has extensive experience in Private Dentistry, especially Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics and Preventive Care.

She believes in continuing professional development and keeps attending seminars and courses.

She enjoys all aspects of Orthodontics in children and adults and has recently gained a Certificate in Holistic Orthodontics, a more natural approach to align the teeth without extractions and to rebalance the harmony between the body and the mouth.

She enjoys treating both adults and children, phobics and special needs patients with her caring attitude, friendly smile and gentle touch, putting nervous patients at ease with her relaxing techniques.

In her spare time, Samar enjoys reading, ironing, travelling and doing different sport activities.

Samar is fluent in Italian and French helping her communicate more easily with a wide range of patients