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Autumn 2017

After a long search, we have managed to recruit the much needed services of a dental hygienist, Charlotte Booth. She will be a welcome addition to the team and will work alongside the dentists to provide customised and dedicated hygiene therapy to our patients. Many patients at the practice will benefit greatly from this focussed service. Your dentists will advise you if you will benefit from seeing her and if so will write a dedicated prescription for her to follow. Charlotte will be available alternate Mondays and every Tuesday from September 2017.

Summer 2017

The practice is proud to welcome Dr Rahul Shah, a cosmetic facial physician, who is providing facial aesthetics and skin services from our practice in North Kingston. Rahul is a long established General Practitioner, who is passionate about non surgical facial rejuvenation. He is currently offering complimentary consultations so please feel free to book in now to find out more about what this new treatment modality can offer you both therapeutically and cosmetically. There is a lot more than meets the eye.

A double congratulations to Dr Geoff Tait, who this summer not only wed his long term partner in a beautiful ceremony in Ireland, but also successfully passed his final examinations of his Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the world renowned Eastman Dental Institute (UCL) after 3 years of hard work.

Spring 2017

Dr Anand Patel has recently completed a specialist training course by Professor Ama Johal of Queen Mary University of London and is now able to consult regarding Snoring and Sleep Apnoea. Snoring affects about 40% of the population and until recently treatment via GPs has generally been directed towards difficult lifestyle changes such as to avoid sleeping on your back, lose weight, stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Sleepwell is a custom made adjustable device worn only during sleep that holds the lower jaw in its normal position (or advanced if necessary) helping to maintain a patent airway and eliminate snoring. It is a cost effective and long term snoring remedy with a high compliance rate.

Winter 2016

Sadly the practice recently said farewell to Joanna Jackson who had been with the practice for over 15 years as an associate dentist. She has now settled in Singapore with the rest of her family and her lovely dog Charlie following a change in her husband’s job role within the corporation. We sincerely wish her all the best for a new life in the tropics. She will be dearly missed by her loyal patients and colleagues.

Spring 2016

We are delighted to announce the arrival of two new dentists to our team. Both Geoff Tait and Samar Morgan are highly trained and are continuously completing further post graduate training. Geoff has a particular interest in Endodontic and Implant dentistry, whilst Samar is keen on adult and child Orthodontics. Both have a very kind and gentle approach to their dentistry and are experts in treating calm and nervous patients of all ages.

Mr Netra Uprety, our part time dental nurse who previously worked alongside Joanna Jackson, has increased his working week with us to 4 days and now mainly works with Geoff Tait. He has a very kind nature which is calming in the surgery. Outside the surgery he is light hearted and likes to play the joker.

Michaela Avram also joined the team this year and works with Samar Morgan. Although she has only been nursing for 3 years, she is highly experienced and confident. Outside of work she enjoys reading and watching documentlaries.

Anand Patel, who has now been at the practice for over 9 years, continues to provide all aspects of general dentistry and places implants for an increasing variety of situations . Along with Samar Morgan, he provides Orthodontics within the practice. His particular preference is Invisalign for which he has achieved some stunning results. Meanwhile at home, his two growing children aged 5 and 7 love to keep him busy.

Winter 2015

Mr Patel, who has been at the practice since 2007 has taken over as practice principal and continues to run the practice successfully with the help of the long established team including Helen Horsefield and Melissa Pemberton.