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We aim to eliminate any uncertainties patients may have about the cost of their treatment.

We will inform you of the cost of any treatments you choose before they are carried out.

We operate a policy of fixed fees for all, a list is displayed at reception and available to take away.

To enable us to offer you high quality dental care at affordable prices, we request payment before making appointments for treatment.

If you are worried about the cost of your treatment or any aspect of the charges, please let us know.

Sometimes your original treatment plan may have to be adjusted as your treatment progresses and any changes will be explained to you.

Patients can choose to pay by cash, cheque or card.

A charge will normally apply for cancelled or broken appointments unless we are given 24 hours notice.

Fee Guide

Routine Examination £23.00
New Patient Examination or yearly plus exam £36.00
Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Consultation £60.00
2 X-rays £17.50
Scale and polish (routine) £32.50
Hygienist 30 Minute Appointment £59.00
Amalgam fillings (silver) from £69.00
Composite fillings (white) from £69.00
Bridgework from £960.00
Fissure sealants each £30.50
Root Canal Treatment from £305.00
Tooth whitening £395.00
Extractions from £128.00
Socket Preservation from £300.00
Acrylic dentures from £535.00
Crowns from £570.00
Dental Implant with crown from £2250
Sleepwell Snoring Appliance from £385.00

Face & Beauty

Wrinkle reducing injections – 1 area £200.00
Wrinkle reducing injections – 2 areas £225.00
Wrinkle reducing injections – 3 areas £250.00
Dermal fillers from £250.00
Lip enhancement from £250.00
Excessive sweating from £400.00
Obagi Skin care POA
Teoxane Skin peel from £80
Skin Boosters with Teosyal Redensity I from £180.00
Skin Booster Course, 3 Treatments with Teosyol Redensity I from £500.00
Tear Trough rejuvenation with Redensity II from £350.00

We accept payment by cash cheque credit or debit card. Our payment terms require payment before appointments can be made in order to reserve the surgery time. This helps to keep costs and prices down by reducing administration and the number of failed appointments.